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The same way you see and take care of your physical pets is how you perceive your in-game monsters called the Axies. Similarly, you can raise and breed these Axies to a level where they also begin to produce offspring. However, the reproduction process of the axies also has a limit before the sterile becomes sterile. And the long-term advantage is that the value of the Axies will not be hyper-inflated beyond normal.

The Process of Breeding, Raising, and Building SLP in Axie Infinity

Meanwhile, raising Axies requires the use of AXS, which is the in-game currency of value. In addition, it also takes Smooth Love Potions, otherwise known as SLPs, which serve as reward tokens. But the value of each of the processes will determine the number of times that the Axies can breed to produce offspring. On the other hand, the AXS portion is a variable asset subject to different adjustments on various economic factors. 

Furthermore, the Axies cannot be bred with the offspring, and neither can they be produced with their siblings. The result will be an infertile offspring. Another essential factor to note is that Axie Infinity does not allow players to directly sell the SLPs to other players. At the same time, players can earn SLps by playing in the Player versus Player (PvP) arena. You can also synchronize these SLPs with the wallet from your profile page as you can them.

The Genetics of Axies

Genetics of Axies

There are many other features to learn, particularly about the genetics of the axie monsters. For one, each axie has up to 6 different body parts that define their body shape and their qualities. Besides, each body part in each Axie has up to 3 genes, one dominant (D), one recessive (R1), and a minor recessive gene (R2). Each of these genetic classifications has a probability of occurrence within the generations of the offspring. 

The dominant gene occurs when the body part is physically present in the offspring Axie. And when breeding, the genes can be passed from one generation to another. For example,

  • Dominant (D). The probability of occurrence of the dominant gene in the offspring generation is about 37.5%.
  • Recessive (R1). As for the recessive gene, there is a 9.37% chance that it will occur in the offspring generation.
  • Minor Recessive (R2). The little recessive gene has a 3.125% chance of it occurring in the next generation of the offspring.

Similarly, you can also use the calculator to figure out the actual probabilities when breeding two different axies within the game. We may not also have a lot of recessive genes within the community of Axie offspring or on the website. But you can also view them with the correct extension built by exceptional community members. You can also check out the inventory to see some of the Axies that you can breed to reproduce solid and healthy offspring.  Click here to read about What Is Play to Earn Gaming – And How Is It Changing Gaming.

How long does it take for an Axie to mature and become an adult to start reproducing? It can take about five days for each Axie to reach maturity, where they can also begin to breed other offspring. Then after the five days, the egg can develop into an adult Axie while manifesting all the genes inside the parent. 

How to Buy your First Axies

Before anyone can begin the game of Axie Infinity, he needs at least three mature axies to start a community. But there is a standard procedure if buying the Axies if you are ready. It first involves three primary steps, then breaks the significant steps into minor ones.

Deposit ETH to your Ronin Wallet

Ronin is the account creation platform where you can store your cryptocurrencies just like a physical wallet holding fiat currencies. When you have created and activated your Ronin wallet, it is time to fund it with Ethereum (ETH). But there are two ways to support the Ronin wallet before you can start playing this game. 

Deposit ETH to your Ronin Wallet
  1. Deposit fund directly from your Ethereum wallet into your Ronin wallet using the ronin bridge

First of all, this process depends on the country where you are, and it can lead to the loss of valuables. But ideally, without resistance, you should be able to load your ETH into your Ethereum wallet by buying the crypto coin directly using platforms like Binance, Luno, or Coinbase. Next is to transfer your ETH into the Metatask wallet from the exchange wallet. 

  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH) with your fiat currency on the Ronin platform while using the Ramp network

The Sky Mavis developer team has also made things easier by trying to buy Axies directly through these recommended platforms. Also, it promotes this activity by using such a decentralized platform. But before the whole process of buying Axies comes up, you should be very familiar with the marketplace where you can find all the kinds of Axies you need.

Browsing the Axie marketplace

Now that you are ready to buy your first Axie, there is a strategy and path to follow to navigate through the hurdles of the game. More importantly, you should be familiar with the Axie Infinity marketplace, where you will find the following features, and you must know how to handle them. 

  • In the top right corner below the menu bar – this asset category is available to choose from when you want to start browsing the Axies n the market. Other items you can also browse in the marketplace include the items and bundles of assets.
  • The Left –left-hand side of the marketplace has the filter panel. This filter panel listing shows only the relevant features of your current purchase. 
  • The Middle – the middle part of the marketplace is the most significant part, and it involves all the available items on their list. You can also find all the available assets that other players have listed to sell to new players. 

The Filter panel

This panel involves the site where you can sort out the items on the list and show which axies you want in specifics. You may start your search with certain properties that you have in mind that the Axies may have. Don’t bother if you have to spend much time on this panel to get the right results. At the same time, the filter system can also be divided into three major categories, namely the available parts and the stats. Visit to read about A concise overview of play-to-earn games.